California Just Got A Big “No” From POTUS On Their Major Project That Obama Supported

Governor Jerry Brown and Representatives in California are declaring war on the Federal government. They do not want President Trump and his administration involved in their state and have now declared that California is a sanctuary state with an executive order.

Brown made this move, forgetting that his state is in debt and can’t seem to improve anything for his state. They need money in California for a project and yet they want to pull away from the United States.

The Trump administration revealed on Wednesday that it will not be supporting a massive water project to re-engineer the state’s water system by building two giant water tunnels.

“The Trump administration did not fund the project and chose to not move forward with it,” said the spokesman for the U.S. Interior Department, Russel Newell.

Last month it was discovered that the Obama administration had improperly spent $84 million in federal taxpayer money to assist California in planning for the tunnels, this was found by the Interior Officials. Newell said, “The $84 million spent in taxpayers’ money without disclosure to Congress and kept hidden from the public were decisions driven and executed by the Obama Administration and that team.”

California better wake up quickly. The politicians in charge there depend on federal funding and if they really think that they can do it on their own by pulling out, they will soon realize that they will quickly shrivel.

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