Muslims Take Over Small Midwestern Town — Expert Warns: “Pay Attention or Your Town’s Next!”

Citizens in a small, Midwestern city have watched their town’s culture get destroyed right before their eyes thanks to the efforts of globalists who have imported thousands of Somali migrants.

Finally, one city councilman in St Cloud, Minnesota stood up and said, “Enough is enough,” and moved to temprarily cease the resettlement program until it could be studied. Naturally, CAIR and the liberals went nuts, but the councilman was 100% correct to take the stand that he did. Here’s why…

Think about this. There you are, enjoying your life in St Cloud, when all of the sudden the government teams up with the Democrats, religious “non-profit” organizations, and massive corporations to flood your city with Somali refugees.

The next thing you know there’s a mosque going up in the middle of a neighborhood in your town. Crime escalates, and suddenly your kids are going to school with Muslim refugees who have no respect for you or your culture.

In one case, a woman’s six and nine year old grandkids went to the park on the 4th of July, got surrounded by a gang 25 Somali kids and assaulted.

Like her, you had ZERO say in whether or not these people should have been allowed in your town, and if speak out against it, you’ll be called a xenophobe, a racist, and a white nationalist.

This is the world we live in. Right now, this is only happening in St Cloud, but the sad truth is that your or my town could be next, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it except to speak up now!

If you doubt the severity of this situation, go on over to Ann Corcoran’s website. She’s a watchdog of the Muslim immigrant situation and has put together extensive reporting on what’s been taking place in St. Cloud.

So why are these refugees being re-settled in these small towns? Well, one major player in all of this are foreign-owned meat packing plants. They re-settle these refugees in areas where they have big plants, hire them for cheap labor, and stick the taxpayer with the bill for making all of this possible. Oh, and of course they’re taking jobs from Americans in the process.

Once again, I encourage you to go check out the fine work Ann Corcoran is doing and SPEAK UP NOW… before it’s too late.