SCOOP: Roger Goodell OUT as Commissioner — Will Be Replaced by This Coach…

Whether for purposes of shaving down a multi-hundred million dollar contract or for trying to oust the current NFL Commissioner completely, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has set his sights on Roger Goddell.

With League revenue dropping faster than Bill Clinton’s pants at a private Harvey Weinstein party and stadiums emptying out, owners are finding it harder and harder to justify Goddell’s proposed $212 million contract proposal.


It is not just the plague of NFL player kneelings during the national anthem that have galvanized owners. According to the New York Post, “the owners are unhappy with Goodell for a few reasons beyond the anthem, including how the NFL handled the relocation of teams to Los Angeles and (still) the league’s bungling of the Ray Rice domestic violence case”, as well as the recent debacle with Ezekiel Elliot’s six game suspension for domestic abuse allegations.

Goddell’s handling of Elliot’s case combined with his refusal to back up Jones’ demand that his players stand for the anthem, may have been what has set the Dallas Cowboy’s owner off.

During a conference call with 17 team owners last Thursday, it is reported that Jones headed up the group and was primarily responsible for having Goddell’s contract talks delayed until the national anthem disrespect committed by the League’s multimillion dollar crybaby jocks is taken care of.

To fire Goddell, Jones would need 24 owners to sign on board the move, which the Post says seems ‘unlikely’.

CBS Sports reports, however, that Goddell’s contract has been approved, but both sides are hesitating to announce the news in the current environment of deep hostility among Americans over how liberalism is ruining football.

According to CBS, “Some in the league office expect that a formal announcement might not come until the week of the Super Bowl, when Goodell gives an annual state of the league press conference. At this point, coming out of last week’s owner’s meeting, which included a lengthy session with players and NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith, the NFL is trying to turn attention away from the protests and anything that might bring more negative attention to the league, and therefore it makes no sense to engage on the commissioner’s new contract right now.”