Sanders Stepped Up to the Mic and Punched Frederica Wilson Right Off Her High Horse

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the real deal and also gets set up with some tough questions to answer.  She always has the right answer, and quickly.  But this time, Sarah was fuming with the latest controversial President Trump claims. Media went after Sanders asking her about the claims made by the terrible Rep. Fredrica Wilson.

She is the one who said that Trump told the widow of Army Sgt. La David Johnson that “he knew what he signed up for” as he was consoling her.

President Trump denies that that was said, however it would not be a lie.  Every military man and woman knows that when they sign up to protect our country, their lives could be at risk.  It is the sacrifice they make and the reason Trump is so adamant that the flag and our military be respected during the National Anthem.

It is difficult to console anyone who has lost a loved one.  The words intended to be consoling may not come across the way they are supposed to or they may not even hear everything that is being said. There is no magic word that can help and acknowledging that he gave his life to protect us, is one hell of a sacrifice, that Trump of all people completely understands and appreciates what they give up for us.

Fredrica Wilson in an attempt to bash Trump and involve herself more in politics, took someone who was grieving into a bigger spotlight to try to make Trump look like a fool.  When really what she did, was that she put the widow in the headlights and played with her emotions even more. Disgusting.

According to the Hill Sarah Sanders had no time for this gross form of politics and smacked  Fredrica down from her high horse.

She said there was no recording but Trump had better proof that he is right and Frederica is wrong – General Kelly.

“No,” she said about the recording, “But there were several people in the room from the administration on the call, including General Kelly.”

Sanders silenced the room as she reminded her and everyone in the room that Kelly’s son was killed in 2010 and he supported what Trump told the widow.

“General Kelly was present for the call and thought it was completely appropriate. He thought the call was respectful and he thought that the president did the best job he could under those circumstances to offer condolences on the part of the country.”

Sanders had more to say, “The hardest job he has is making calls like that. I think it is appalling what the congresswoman has done in the way she’s politicized this issue and the way she is trying to make this about something that it isn’t.” And this one just in case she was not listening, “To try to create something from that that the congresswoman is doing is frankly appalling and disgusting.”